Contemporary Works


this is a place where i can sit with clarity

Drone album. Pipe organ, sine tones and various instruments. Performed by Catherine Harris (organ), Billy Harrison (cello), Joy Ingle (violin) and me (electronics, guitar, cowbell). read more

Live at Cafe OTO

Solo halldorophone and live electronics set at Cafe OTO. read more


this is a place where i can sit comfortably

pipe organ drone album read more

Summer Improvisations

Various improvised bits involving Joy Ingle, Dylan Thompson, Ashruta Mani, Dave Riedstra and James Creed. read more

an evolutionary process for piano and live electronics

Performed by Sophie Lim and Mia Windsor. Piano preparations, granular magic. read more

an evolutionary process for cello and live electronics

Performed by Billy Harrison and Mia Windsor. Cello harmonics, noisy stuff. read more


Performed by Brian Archinal. The seeds of an exploration into folding protein structures. read more


an evolutionary process for cymbal and live electronics

Performed by Ben Adamson and Mia Windsor. Granular merging and squeaking harmonics. read more

Malum Opus

(Translation: apple/disaster work) for pipe organ which follows the process of a decaying apple. read more

Infusion Version I

For timpani and cymbal. Written in collaboration with Kenrick Ho, performed by Ben Adamson. This piece follows an evolutionary process over time... read more

Internal Environments

For Bb clarinet. Performed by Carlos Cordeiro. The score is treated as an ecosystem which is affected by imaginary environments, such as high gravity and low oxygen... read more

eō: an evolutionary sound installation

Funded by the Berkofsky Arts Award... read more

Photo by Abby Swain



An ecosystem evolving in two alternate realities (for String Quintet and Live Electronics)... read more

Photo by Claire Tuton


Meta (a piece in a piece)

What is already a micro-macrocosmic piece, used again in itself... read more

Photo by Elspeth Mary Moore


A Study of Space and Movement

A spatialised piece where the actions of the instrumentalists are dictated by the position of two moving performers (in collaboration with Alexandra Prellberg)... read more

Photo by Ben Hutchinson Photography