I am a contemporary composer and improviser based in Leeds. My works focus on using biological principles to develop musical structures. I am currently developing a practice focused on writing partially improvised interactive pieces for solo instruments and custom live electronics that follow intricate timbral evolutionary processes. Other applications of biological principles in my work include treating scores as ecosystems with different components relying on one another, coding genetic algorithms, or more intuitive approaches through listening. I was awarded the Berkofsky arts award for my sound installation eō: an evolutionary sound installation which used a genetic algorithm to evolve microtonal vocal music in real-time.

I have had works performed both nationally and internationally by performers such as Carlos Cordeiro, Brian Archinal and Huw Morgan.

My other musical interests include pipe organs, playing synth in post-punk band Static Caravan and research into the creative potential of artificial intelligence in music. I recently presented at the 3rd Conference on AI Music Creativity.

Pronouns: she/her.